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The restaurant

An exceptional setting 

Positioned in an exceptional estate, Marine and Mathieu Kergourlay welcome you to their restaurant at Château de Boisgelin, taking you on a gastronomic journey to where tastes of the local terroir and exotic influences meet.

Combining modern and traditional cooking, the restaurant has been fully renovated in 2018, now providing a beautiful space in which to savour the sublime work in the kitchen.

The interiors have been designed with an exacting attention to detail by Marine Kergourlay, who is passionate about interior decoration and a former Fine-Arts student, with a degree in jewellery-making. Her artistic career has given her an innate eye for detail and an appreciation for tasteful design, which is reflected in the renovation of the Château.

Luxurious ambience and serenity

From the De Boisgelin family portraits displayed in the entrance hall to the restaurant dining room with its contemporary tapestry and the cosy feel of the bar-lounge, Marine Kergourlay has has deftly and sensitively applied the renovation, making sure the place retains its authentic character.

Indulge in a pleasant luxurious ambience and serenity. Enjoy a cocktail at the circular bar-lounge, and taste the cuisine of Chef Mathieu Kergourlay in the bright and cosy room restaurant.

The restaurant

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